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Solidarity, Sustainability, and Science: Solutions for a Brighter Future

Our world is at a crossroads, facing urgent challenges that demand solutions. And just as we share this world, we also need to share the responsibility for finding these solutions – including those which protect our environment for future generations.

So, if we are to overcome our challenges, how can we develop a framework for cooperation that is grounded in common growth and common responsibility for the impacts of climate change?

To explore this question, and the potential for global solidarity, sustainability, and science, we invite you to join the Education City Speaker Series, as we welcome the President of the United Nations General Assembly, Csaba Kőrösi.

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About ECSS

One of the defining elements of Qatar Foundation (QF) is its role in providing platforms – for education, for research and innovation, for community engagement and interaction, and for empowerment. And among the platforms that QF offers are those that illustrate the value of dialogue and discourse.

We believe that dialogue and discourse broaden perspectives, open minds, generate knowledge and solutions, provide people with a voice and the opportunity to make it heard, and underscore the importance of appreciating a broad spectrum of viewpoints.

Our role as a platform for dialogue and the exchange of knowledge is supported by the fact we welcome visitors from a wide array of fields, and from all over the world, to QF. This places us in a position to enable the community of Qatar to engage with people who have expertise, insight, perspectives to share, and stories and experiences to relate.

And we do this through the Education City Speaker Series (ECSS).
ECSS, launched in November 2018, aims to tackle key points related to current events, and the role we can play in making our campus a platform for open knowledge and discussion.

The ECSS aims to captivate audiences by providing a platform for speakers that are passionate in their fields of expertise. Each speaker in this open, unbiased platform presents information and concepts that may challenge the audience’s assumptions.

It allows QF and the public to listen to different viewpoints on vital subjects and gives them the opportunity to have a discussion with thought leaders. 

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Past sessions

From education and youth empowerment to sport, sustainability, and social change, the Education City Speaker Series tackles the key topics and trends shaping our world. You can look back at our previous events here.



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